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Ian Moffitt

William Jewell College

Website Redesign — https://www.jewell.edu

William Jewell college has an interesting home page with parallax movement and animations as you scroll down.

It also features some SVG animations in the masthead.

Having several Drupal 7 sites under my belt, this site came together pretty quickly. The home page was completed first and soft launched, with the old home page being replaced by our new design but linking into pages from the old design. Later, the rest of the templates were coded and integrated, and after the client finished content entry, the rest of the site was launched with our new designed templates.


  • Sarah Harissis, Front-End Development
  • Benny Pinto, Design
  • Erika Worobec, Client Services


Split up coding of home page with Sarah Harissis. Integrated Home Page by itself initially in Drupal 7 for a soft launch of a new home page design, followed later by integration of remaining templates and a full launch of the rest of the site.