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Ian Moffitt

Joliet Junior College

Website Redesign — http://www.jjc.edu/

Joliet Junior College was my first foray into Drupal 8, as well as BarkleyREI's first Drupal 8 client. It was very interesting to see how Drupal had evolved between 7 and 8. I particularly enjoyed the API improvements for getting data from fields from a content type. In 7, it was so convoluted that I had written my own framework for parsing node data. In 8, I started porting over this framework, but realized I didn't need it! 

I also changed the way I build sites in Drupal with this project. Before JJC, I used node references for pretty much everything, and nearly every component on the site was a node. This made content entry particularly complicated for clients. Using the Paragraphs module for Drupal 8, now all the components could be created per page on demand as needed, but it still left room for shared components to be made.

I struggled the worst on this project with dealing with the page navigation menu. In Drupal 7, there was a simple function you could call to get the current menu object based on what node you were on. That doesn't seem to exist for Drupal 8, so I had to write some PHP functions to parse a menu and figure out where the user was in that menu in order to display the navigation correctly.

Drupal 8 is far more stable now, but during the build it was still going through rapid growing pains, so there was a natural struggle to make it play nice. I encountered a couple of strange errors that I still can't explain, but they haven't occurred since the site launched and since Drupal has been updated a few times.


  • Ross Petrocelli, Client Services
  • Lauren Santori, Project Manager
  • Chris Stagno, Project Manager
  • Benny Pinto, Design
  • Corey Tiani, Design (Contractor)
  • Sarah Harissis, Front End Development
  • Joel Kirchartz, Front End Development
  • Josh Whitney, QA


I statically coded the home page and assisted Joel and Sarah on the level pages, and integrated the entire site into Drupal 8 hosted on Acquia.