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Ian Moffitt

Chicago Kent

Website Redesign — https://www.kentlaw.iit.edu/

This project is no longer live or was changed.

Chicago Kent was a project that was integrated into a CMS called Ingeniux. This was my first foray into using them as a platform. Ingeniux, at the time of this project (I'm writing this description in 2018), used XSLT for templating in a very interesting way, where the entry point for the CMS was a single file and nearly every component and template was accomplished using apply-templates and includes. It also had support for writing JavaScript to help transform content, something I had yet to see support for in normal XSLT.


  • Rachel Killinger (May), Client Services
  • Dan Sprumont, Project Manager
  • Josh Petry, Backend
  • Alan Lucas, QA Analyst
  • Sarah Swartz, Design
  • Julie Young, UX


Static coding of all templates and integration into the Ingeniux platform. This required a little bit of learning on my part of an unfamiliar platform and how templating worked for it. This was also a first dip into mobile browser testing. This site was not responsive but was still tested on devices to see if it still worked appropriately.