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Ian Moffitt

About Me

I'm Ian Moffitt.

Currently, I'm a senior front-end developer at BarkleyREI, a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh that's a partner company of a full service advertising agency called Barkley in Kansas City, MO. It's a fun and challenging place to work and the stuff I do there changes frequently enough that I am not bored of it yet.

This is me. I am the person in this image.

I live just outside Pittsburgh, near the dying Century III Mall.

My hobbies include building computers, occasionally homebrewing beer and cider, and playing video games. I own a few consoles but I am mostly a PC gamer.

I like the CW superhero shows. Particularly The Flash is my favorite, followed by Legends of Tomorrow. Arrow is okay sometimes. I haven't watched much of Black Lightning but I might binge it on Netflix.

I love the Marvel cinematic universe but I think I enjoy DC stories more. I think DC has more interesting heroes, but I still like all the Marvel stuff on TV, Netflix, and in movies.

I'm not a big drinker. I brew beer but I tend to give most of it away to my friends and coworkers.

I've been building websites since high school. The first real website I ever built was for a webcomic I made, then I wrote a custom CMS for a gaming group I was a part of. I was part of a student organization related web team while in college, and it's from that experience that got me to where I am today. I was mildly involved in the redesign of my school, California University of PA, and during that project I met people who I would come to work with at BarkleyREI. I was also briefly responsible for both the Athletics website, and the Student Activities Transcript application at Cal U. Both have since been replaced by other applications.

I consider myself in the part of front-end that focuses more on traditional HTML and CSS. I know JavaScript and am somewhat skilled at it, but have not yet delved into complicated frameworks such as React or Vue. I have some experience with Angular 1, but never built anything significant with it by myself. I also come from a PHP heavy background so I am comfortable with back-end development in a sense. I am familiar with interacting with databases via SQL and servers via command line.

I have been married since 2011. My wife Lauren and I live in Jefferson Hills in our first home we bought together and have lived in since 2014. We first met in school while we were taking a class, and my first interaction with her was sending her a book I downloaded for the class over email. I sat in the front of the class and she sat in the back (and made fun of my yellow jacket). The class we met in was a course where you learned about French culture for a few weeks, then ended with a trip to northern France over spring break. We "officially" met in the airport in Detroit, and I sat next to her on the plane and threw up on the flight over. We traveled together in the same group of people the whole week, and started dating the following week we came home. The rest is history!

I played DnD for the first time a few years ago and loved it. I have not been able to play much recently but I listen to lots of DnD related podcasts and media, and would love to play again.